Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have ordered our slide, what is the waiting time?

We have a full range of all slides in stock at our Perth warehouse. Once payment is received, pick up or delivery can be arranged within hours.

How can I arrange payment?

A 50% deposit is required if you wish to have your slide placed on hold for a period of time. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or EFT.

How do I arrange installation?

Installation is quite simple. Your slide can be delivered either in a flat pack or semi assembled ready for installation. Please refer to our installation guide manual on our Resources page for full instructions.

Can I choose any colour?

Our slides come in a range of colours. Sandstone, granite or blue depending on the slide of choice. Please refer to the Products page for further information.

How much room does the slide need?

Each slide has a full list of specifications and foot print in the Products section.

Does the slide require separate plumbing for the water?

For existing pools, a 20 gpm water delivery system can be plumbed through the pool’s return line. If you are installing a new pool, you can run a separate line for the slide. Similar to what you would do for a water feature.

What is the weight capacity of the slides?

Our slides are all built to a high specification so the whole family can enjoy them.
The Rogue 2 and Helix both hold up to 113kg. The Typhoon and Turbo Twister hold up to 124 kg each.

Will the slide fade over time?

Our slides are made using a HDPE (high density polyethylene) that has a built in UV inhibitor to safe guard your slide from the harsh Australian sun. With anything that you leave outside over time, it will fade. However, with our slides, the colour is incorporated into the acrylic material during the manufacturing process and not just painted or coated on. So the amount of fading is reduced significantly.

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